PERN BAAN produces artisan made lighting + home decor designed between our two homes - New York City and Thailand. Our mission is to use design as a universal language for connection, community building, and collective growth.


Our products are the outcome of meaningful cross-cultural collaborations.

PERN BAAN's design partners are based in both the US and Thailand. Our founder, Robert Sukrachand, pairs them with artisan communities, workshops + factories in Thailand as a means of expanding the creative language of both parties.

The synthesis between these faraway collaborators tells a story of mutual respect and cooperation. We hope that the resulting products imbue our customers' homes with warmth.


What is the meaning of PERN BAAN? In Thai, เพื่อนบ้าน is the word for neighbors. In a literal sense, it translates to ‘the friends of our home’. We use this phrase to describe the people who live on our street as well as the countries that border us, like Myanmar and Laos.

We want PERN BAAN to become a global community, one in which our design collaborators and customers feel connected as though they are neighbors.

Like friends that we invite to our homes:
to eat, to collaborate, and to celebrate.


Robert Sukrachand is a Thai-American designer, craftsperson, and photographer. He describes his adolescence as a kind of ‘cultural whiplash’, one in which his formative years were spent bouncing between two very different cultures in the United States + Thailand.

PERN BAAN is his attempt to make a whole out of that fractured experience. By acting as a conduit between these two far away places, he feels them slowly growing closer to one another.

Prior to launching PERN BAAN, Sukrachand spent 15 years in New York City. His erstwhile Brooklyn studio produced custom furniture designs that created a dialogue between craft disciplines, cultural histories, and material forms. In 2020, Robert was named as “one of the 20 names to know now in American design” by the editors of Sight Unseen.


For the last 2 years we have been renovating a 5 story shophouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It will be home to our studio, a showroom, residency apartment, and rooftop where we will host special events.

When we open in early 2025, we envision this as the physical space where people from all walks of life will connect through our designs.

Stay tuned for updates on our opening event!

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