UL Listing

Underwriters Laboratories is a 3rd-party testing and certification company. A product that carries a UL Listed Mark has undergone testing that confirms it meets national standards for safety.

No. We offer UL listing as an 'add on' service but do not certify our lamps across the board. This is because UL Listing is very expensive and many of our customers do not require it.

Instead, we allow our customers to choose whether or not UL is right for their homes.

No. Our UL listed lamps are assembled with the exact same components as our non-UL certified lamps.

In fact, all of the components (sockets, wire) that we use in our lights are individually UL-listed. However, in order to offer our customers a final product that carries the UL sticker, we must send the entire fixture to a testing center. After checking that the lamps meet UL requirements, they are then tagged with an official UL-certified sticker.

Generally speaking, all commercial and hospitality projects will require UL listed fixtures.

Occasionally, your local electrical code may require UL listed fixtures for residential buildings if there will be a DOB inspection at the end of the renovation process. We suggest that you confirm with your electrical contractor what the local requirements are.

If you are simply swapping out an old lamp in your home for one of PERN BAAN's lamps, then you probably don't need UL listing, but again, you should consult with your electrician.

Some customers who don't technically need the certification will still purchase it. Think of the UL label similarly to how you'd view 'Non-GMO' or 'USDA' certified labels. If it gives you peace of mind, then it might be the right fit for you.

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